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About the studio



The creation of the studio was inspired by the vision of a mature and open-minded videogame in terms of substance and production technics. Once the vision of the game and the working processes have been set, ten or plus freelances gather around the founding core. This technique, inspired by cinematographic and theatrical productions, means freshness and a new energy for the project.

The whole team is driven by professionals, raised since many years in the French videogame  magma, and inspired by its culture and diversity. First experience of the studio is White Night, the award-winning “noire” game.


Since then, the studio stacked many expeciences, with some upcoming game projects, but also like highly customizable game-engine solutions, serious gaming, porting games to latest platforms…


Our technical experience and our creative expertise rely on an efficient home-made engine, the OEngine, developed and optimized to handle games like White Night (Activision), but also other games like Space Run or Space Run Galaxy (Focus Interactive)


These experiences reflects OSome team’s “savoir-faire” : an ever-evolving technology adapted to our projects, strong artistic directions based on strong gameplays, and a total artistic coherence to meaningful games and services.


Who are we ?

OSome Studio’s core team is composed of Domenico Albani (technical director) and Mathieu Frémont (head of production), associated to a flexible and ever-evolving team.






OEngine is a C++ multi-platform for editing and publishing a game. Its seamless technology ensures code is using a highly scalable and optimized language and toolchain, but keeping projects available on many platforms (PC/Mac/Linux/Switch/PS4/XBox One/Android/iOS).

OEngine is used internally at OSome and shared with other indies studio.



January 29, 2015