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White Night - A narrative puzzle horror game

“Explore the macabre past of an old mansion and solve puzzles of light and shadows in this fully black and white survival horror”

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White Night - A narrative puzzle horror game - Mansion

An “Old school” survival horror

A launching game for the independent OSome Studio’s, White Night is both a survival horror and an homage to the first Alone in the Dark while developing its own identity. Set in America’s early thirties, the game offers to live the nightmare of a man, hurt and trapped in an old family manor where darkness is a constant threat.

Puzzles of lights and shadows

In order to survive this long night, the player will have to solve puzzles based on the use of light. His safety will depend on the different light sources scattered all around the manor. Some will be fragile, while the most powerful will take efforts to be reached… But if darkness is active and lethal, a mysterious presence will also enlighten the night.


Strong references?

Filled with lunar and feminine symbolism, psychological horror and melancholy, the story of the game will unfold as the player discovers the dark events which built the manor a past, spinning a yarn in the style of an old noir story that you would be reading at candle light.

White Night stands at the crossroads of fantastic literature, cinema and videogames. Its gameplay-motivated artistic direction – an intensely contrasted black and white – was inspired by masterpieces film noire genre and the threatening perspectives of German expressionism.

In White Night, light draws a discontinuous line between form and substance, a road mark leading from life to death. It’s a trying journey to the heart of darkness, a journey of no return sometimes one has to accomplish in his existence.




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